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The air cleaning technology is undergoing a radical change. The future challenges are the efficient separation of finest and diffuse emissions and the gentle handling of the valuable resource - energy.
In order to meet these targets, we permanently improve the extraction, separation performance and simultaneously the energy efficiency. Therefore, we are already today capable of planning and implementing lowest energy plants based on resistance optimised construction principles in order to reach the highest possible separation performance.

As a result, our systems and plants allow for the cleaning of immense volume flows in an economic and energy efficient way, while having the highest possible separation performance.


>> Dedusting
Industrial dedusting has always been one of our core competences. We particularly focus on the separation of fine dust. Owing to the development of new and innovative processes, we are now able to separate fine dusts with less than 20 nanos. These nano dusts have, due to their fine structure, a different surface-volume relation and altered physical and chemical features. Mastering industrial fine dusts is the challenge of the future. Already today, we provide suitable solutions and systems for an economical industrial separation of fine dusts for small volume flows to huge industrial dedusting with over 500,000m³ filter performance per hour.

>> Separation of oil and emulsion mist, vapours
Mist and vapours are generated in various industrial processes and range from drops to finest blurred aerosols and gaseous pollutants. Based on the specific composition of these substances, the physical as well as chemical characteristics vary and consequently also their effect on human-beings and the environment.
We have developed an innovative clean air technology and systems to separate mists and vapours in an efficient and profound way. These solutions are suitable for small decentralised systems as well as huge industrial dedusting with over 500,000m³ filter performance per hour.

>> Hybrid filter systems
In many cases the emissions of industrial manufacturing processes have diverse characteristics and different aggregate states. If there is a combination of solid, liquid and gaseous parts the gaseous components can hardly be removed. Only the Kappa hybrid filter technology makes it possible as it enables an efficient and at the same time economical separation of industrial emissions for small systems as well as very big industrialised applications.

>> Energy recovery
In almost all industrial processes energy, particularly thermal energy is generated as a by-product.
We support our customers in recovering this energy and making use of it. This leads to a yearly saving potential of 10% to 50% of the investment costs. As a consequence, the Kappa filter plant is amortised in most cases within 2-5 years.

>> In-hall air cleaning and diffuse emission reduction
Most of the time, industrial emissions cannot be totally captured iat their sources. The reason is based on the production process or in the manufacturing logistics. Therefore, more volatile and diffuse emissions escape into the industrial hall and harm the employees, the machines and the hall.
We provide the innovative solution to this challenge by cleaning even big industrial halls in an efficient and economical way from diffuse emissions. This holistic concept consists of the capturing and the energy-optimised separation of emissions as well as the ventilation, extraction, heat recovery and climatisation.