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Kappa A.I.R.™ combines exhausted air technology and ventilation technology in one system. This is unique. A.I.R.™ actively reduces the amount of emissions and heat in the workplace and ensures clean air throughout the entire hall.

Since the foundation of Kappa in 1993, our vision has been to make industrial production as clean as possible with the aim of protecting health and conserving an environment, in which life is worth living.

(Klaus Krüger, Managing Director)

Today, Kappa leads the way in the development of innovative air filtration systems and the installation of turnkey plants for highly efficient industrial air cleaning and energy recovery.

ZERO EMISSIONS - For an emission-free future.

The challenge of moving as close as possible to zero emissions represents our daily motivation. We are constantly redefining the state of the art through innovative solutions. Our way is directed towards zero emissions.

ZERO WASTE OF ENERGY - Energy efficiency is the order of the day

We identify, analyse and assess the potential of our customer's energy recovery. Through this we create economic concepts for the utilisation of preferably all energy resources.

FUSION OF INNOVATION AND DESIGN - Top performance and value-added derived from precision, aesthetics and quality.

Our eyes are firmly set on the future and our systems constitute an ideal combination of innovation with clear design.

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We offer the unique integration of ventilation and extraction systems, in-hall air cleaning and emission separation for your industrial production. Cost savings up to 30% of your investment costs and up to 50% of your operating costs can be realised.

We support you with the extension of your systems by providing tailor-made solutions for economic emission separations as well as for the utilisation of energy potentials. Thereby, we are optimising your air quality while reducing the energy consumption in your production.

We optimise your air filtration systems and identify potentials for improvements. This leads to a significant reduction of your operation costs, guaranteed compliance with legal regulations and an extension of the system’s lifecycle.